Your Health Check on the Radio – Urgent Care in Apollo Bay

The departure of the much loved Dr Mani Kutti from the Apollo Bay General Practice marks the end of an era in local medicine. However, the Apollo Bay General Practice and Otway Health will continue to provide the highest possible levels of care and support for local... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – build your own website

Apollo Bay’s Neighbourhood House will be spending the better part of 2017 offering short courses to help small businesses develop. First course for the year is an Introduction to WordPress, with tutor Sarah Bell, who is featured on this week’s podcast.  If... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – a tribute to life.

Otway Health was saddened by the loss of Dr Jim Lawless last month. Dr Jim made a profound contribution to health care in Apollo Bay, practicing here for 41 years. In a tribute to Dr Jim, Otway Health has dedicated one of its radio programs to exploring his life and... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – giving up smoking

Giving up cigarettes is one of the toughest things you can do. It’s also one of the most rewarding. Community Health Nurse Ingrid Rial talks about the help available from Otway Health. CEO Debra Cerasa shares lots of good health... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – drug and alcohol

This week Otway Health Director of Social and Executive Services, Anne Rout and Grants and Submissions Officer, Rhiannon Cox share the joy about a new collaborative project with Lorne Hospital and Windana Drug and Alcohol Services, funded by Better Care Victoria.... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – nursing from the ground up

This week’s Health Check looks at nursing from the ground up. Virginia  Nemet has had a carrer changer later in life and is now employed as a Personal Care Assistant at Otway Health. She is joined by Otway Health Director of Clinical Services, Nicole Steers and... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – Beyond Blue

Mental Health issues are as common as a runny nose in winter. Here’s some straightforward help from someone who came back from the brink. Beyond Blue Ambassador Paul Walshe has been in Apollo Bay to share his story of depression and recovery to open up... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – Continence Health

During Continence Week it is only fitting that we share all the news and information we can find on what constitutes normal continence. Fortunately our very own Cheryl Biddle is well and truly qualified to deliver the facts in her easy, straightforward style. The big... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – Funding Health Locally

Otway Health CEO Debra Cerasa is joined on this week’s Health Check by Andrew Buchanan, Chairperson of the Apollo Bay and District Health Foundation.  The Health Foundation supports local health activities and provides vital medical equipment for use by the... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – Osteo-fitness

Otway Health’s innovative exercise program is a new approach to maintaining strong healthy older bones. The Osteo-fit program it tailored to target fitness against osteoporosis for those aged over 55 years.  Learn more about this dynamic approach to fitness with... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – Community Health Nursing

Meet Ingrid, Otway Health’s new Community Health Nurse. She has been at Timboon Hospital  for 12 years. She is the Community Health Nurse for Apollo Bay, Lavers Hill and Forrest. You’ll find her at the Lavers Hill Neighbourhood House every Wednesday... read more

Your Health Check on the Radio – the 2016 Flu Vaccine

This week, the Apollo Bay Health Check looks at flu vaccinations. Of course it’s radio, so you can’t see much but there’s lots of useful information on the subject right here. Amy Fitzgerald, a third year medical student from Melbourne Uni on... read more