As we get older, having the discussion about end-of-life care wishes becomes an important part of helping to determine the kinds of decisions that you, your family and medical personnel may make in a medical crisis.

If you haven’t thought about advanced care planning yet, or wish to know more, listen to the following Otway Health Check. Otway Health Communications Officer Sarah Bell, and Victoria University Student Senni Turner, chat to Intensive Care Specialist Dr Charlie Corke about end of life care and discuss the importance of developing and sharing an advanced care plan, and how you can seek assistance to complete your own.

If you’re ready to develop an Advanced Care Plan, Otway Health can help. Make an appointment to see our Clinical Nurse Manager by phoning (03) 5237 8500.

Pick up a copy of Charlie’s book ‘Letting Go: How to plan for a good death.’ online or in store from Galapagos Bookstore, Apollo Bay.

Listen to the podcast below or download from 3ABR’s stream on Podbean

The Otway Health Check is a fortnightly program airing on 3ABR Apollo Bay Radio on Tuesdays between 11.00am – 11.30am. Tune in for the latest health news and information.

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