At the OHCAC meeting in June, Health Coach Loren Jenkins, and Allied Health Assistant Louse Fairney, joined us to discuss chronic disease management, Committee Chair Joy Humphreys provided an update on the Integration Diligence Review, and Communications Officer Sarah Bell provided insight and opened the meeting up to suggestions regarding the 2018 Quality of Care Account.

Loren Jenkins (Community Nurse) and Louise Fairney (Allied Health Assistant) introduced themselves and presented the Otway Health Coaching Program which they are both involved in. This program is federally funded and runs across Apollo Bay, Lorne and Colac. The aim of the program is to reduce emergency presentations by helping people with chronic health conditions to link up with a range of health services.

Eligible conditions include diabetes, asthma, emphysema, cardiovascular disease and musculo-skeletal conditions. Depending on the person and the health condition, the range of services may include: a dietician, diabetes education, respiratory nurse or exercise physiologist. People can be referred or attend on their own initiative and the program intends to be motivational more than prescriptive, with the benefit of reducing social isolation which can exacerbate health issues. Visits and educational sessions take place in the home or in public spaces such as the gym and Neighbourhood Houses.

For more information or to book an appointment, listen to our podcast.

Committee Chair Joy Humphreys advised that the Integration Diligence review is progressing with a Memorandum of Understanding between the Boards of Otway Health and Lorne Community Hospital being completed. With regard to Apollo Bay General Practice:

  • GP cover is now complete and Apollo Bay General Practice is physically moving to Otway Health on Tuesday 19 June. The practice will be located near to Urgent Care and acute care beds will move further into the Barham Wing.
  • Concerns were raised regarding treatment taking place in a room which has been previously used for palliative care. There is a need to be mindful and sensitive in the event that a patient has had a family member treated (at the end of their life) in such a room.
  • Car parking has also been raised as a concern. The CEO is considering lobbying the council for improved footpaths on Ramsden Avenue. There is the need to create an interim solution and to avoid overcapitalising in the event of wider refurbishment.
  • There was discussion on ways to create a discreet waiting area environment.

Joy also spoke to the CEO Report for Board and advised that Clinical Nurse Director, Alison Rodda is retiring in June, which has resulted in an opportunity to change the organisational structure. The Director of Clinical Services at Lorne will work across both Lorne Community Hospital and Otway Health from June, spending equal time at both organisations. In addition, Community Services Manager Anne Rout, will also share her role across the two sites. Lorne does not currently have the level of NDIS, home care or personal care support that we have in our catchment area, so this an opportunity to share experience and expertise across both organisations. Lorne’s Integrated Care Manager, Julie Walter will report to Anne.

The People Matter survey was completed by 82% of staff, which is a huge improvement on last year’s numbers – outcomes of the survey will be available in July.

Communications Officer Sarah Bell, described the Quality of Care Account document and expressed a wish to maximise the communications potential from the circulation of this document. Lorne, for example, produce a calendar. It was agreed that developing a calendar was was a good idea and suggestions for improvement included an enlarged calendar for visually impaired people.

To view the 2016-17 Quality of Care account, click here.

There were various suggestions and Sarah welcomes any more feedback on this at

A local photographer is coming onsite to take photos of Otway Health which will be used in updated communications.

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