Pictured: Anthony Mandic, Team Leader, Ambulance Victoria – Apollo Bay Branch (left), Bradley Pickering, Nurse Practitioner, Otway Health (right).

Otway Health, in conjunction with Ambulance Victoria has endured a busy, but successful summer period in tending to the health needs of the local community and the many visitors to the Otway region of Victoria.

Since the season began and towards the end of January, Otway Health experienced in excess of 374 presentations to the Urgent Care Unit which varied in nature, and were successfully managed through Otway Health’s newly developed Urgent Care Model, alongside assistance from Ambulance Victoria.

Otway Health’s Urgent Care Model incorporates the use of medical officers, nurse practitioners, nursing staff and Telehealth to provide first line treatment and care to patients.

“It’s largely been business as usual”, Team Leader of Ambulance Victoria – Apollo Bay Branch, Tony Mandic said in an interview given on 3ABR Apollo Bay Radio. In his 30 years as an Ambulance Officer, this was the first year that Tony had experienced working with nurse practitioners. “We’ve been able to provide a level of service that we’ve always been able to provide… the nurse practitioner still enables us to work at our fullest capacity”, Tony said.

Consistent with previous years, only 17 ambulance transfers were required in the month of January, meaning ambulance access in the local area remained high. Otway Health Nurse Practitioner,
Bradley Pickering agreed with Tony in the same interview about the success of the Urgent Care Model saying, “It seems to provide that comprehensive care to the community.”

Chief Executive Officer of Otway Health, Kate Gillan said, “By working together, the two organisations have achieved a fantastic result for patients and a secure model for the Otway community going forward. Well done to all involved – a huge effort!”

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