A new smart phone app that uses GPS technology to alert emergency services and nearby medically trained professionals to an emergency situation is being launched in Apollo Bay though Ambulance Victoria, with participation from Otway Health.

The GoodSAM app is simultaneously triggered when an EMERGENCY 000 call is made, as are emergency services if the app itself is used to trigger an emergency by an ‘Alerter’ – an individual or witness who has the app and needs help quickly.

When emergency services are alerted of a situation, so too are nearby ‘Responders’ – registered medically trained professionals within the emergency area who can arrive on the scene immediately and offer first aid before emergency services arrive.

The app is designed to work interactively and assist emergency services and Responders by including as much information as possible about an emergency via features such as live stream video, messaging, life detection and defibrillation information.

Ambulance Victoria Team Leader in Apollo Bay, Tony Mandic says, “The GoodSAM app provides an opportunity for members of the community who are trained in first aid to support emergency services and offer lifesaving intervention in critical time.”

Otway Health has pledged to support Ambulance Victoria through the use of GoodSAM, with Clinical Staff registering as Responders.

Otway Health Nurse Practitioner, Brad Pickering, strongly believes in GoodSAM and feels hopeful that its use can increase the survival rates of those involved in emergency situations. “GoodSAM is an initiative that is improving patient survival rates and can make a significant difference to patient outcomes in situations like cardiac arrest.”

Ambulance Victoria welcomes the pledge and considers Otway Health’s commitment another step forward in supporting the health needs of the local community. “It’s another way that Ambulance Victoria and Otway Health can partner with each other and work together in collaboration to address the health and safety needs of the Apollo Bay community”, Tony said.

The GoodSAM app is now available through the App Store or Google Play.

Listen to the Otway Health Check podcast below featuring Otway Health Nurse Practitioner, Brad Pickering discussing GoodSAM with 3ABR Apollo Bay Radio presenter, Anton Tibbits, or download from 3ABR’s stream on Podbean

The Otway Health Check is a fortnightly program airing on 3ABR Apollo Bay Radio on Tuesdays between 11.00am – 11.30am. Tune in for the latest health news and information.

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