The health services in Lorne and Apollo Bay have continued exploring imaginative collaborations that might further strengthen their growing relationship. These collaborations are intended to future-proof health services along the Great Ocean Road.

We have held public consultations in both towns and community feedback indicates overwhelming support for service integrations with clear benefits such as expanded service range, increased clinical staffing levels, and stronger community connections. Both communities have appreciated the transparency of the process, the opportunities to be informed, and the commitment to synergies that will benefit both communities equally.

In coming months, the Boards of Lorne Community Hospital and Otway Health will jointly develop a working partnership model that incorporates community feedback as well as advice from independent analysts. Some of the important messages from the community included the need for special purpose funds to quarantine local donations for local spending, and for guarantees that no successful local services will be lost or reduced through the integration process.

The Boards of Management of Otway Health and Lorne Community Hospital are reassured and energised by the knowledge that the communities they serve share their vision of an enhanced, more accessible, more affordable, more sustainable health service along the Great Ocean Road.

Community members can continue to be involved in the development of this integrated model through participation in the Community Advisory Committee at OH and the Community Liaison Committee at LCH.

Otway Health
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Lorne Community Hospital
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