Work on Otway Health’s component of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) South West Solar Project commenced on Monday 19th November and is planned to be completed by Friday 23rd November. Otway Health has invested $80,000 into solar infrastructure that will see environmental and financial benefits across the Otway Health site.

The team at QA Electrical Geelong will be installing a new 30kW solar unit with an additional 99 panels as part of the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority’s Regional Health Solar Program. This is in addition to Otway Health’s existing 10kW unit.

The investment was funded with the support of the DHHS through a capital loan that will be repaid with the savings made from decreased energy costs.

Otway Health has worked in collaboration across all health services in the Barwon South-West region to optimise capital costs and get the best return on investment. Chief Executive Officer, Kate Gillan said, “We are committed to exploring efficient energy solutions, and investing in renewable energy sources makes for sustainable running costs and also benefits our environment.”

The solar system upgrade will offset a significant amount of emissions that would normally have been produced through our current methods of using electrical energy. This builds on Otway Health’s vision of being an innovative, responsive and highly professional organisation that adapts to the diverse environmental and health needs of the community.

For further information please contact Michelle Tomadin, Communications Officer at Otway Health
(03) 5237 8500 or email

Image courtesy of
unsplash-logoAndreas Gücklhorn

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