X-Ray Services

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About X-Ray Services

Otway Health provides x-ray services at the Urgent Care Unit. It is used for urgent x-rays, primarily the arms and legs.

X-rays are performed by two qualified staff members, as well as visiting medical officers, all of which have undergone accredited courses and are licenced by the Department of Health.

Otway Health has policies and procedures to ensure all patients having x-rays are informed of the procedure and that the correct x-ray is undertaken.

Our equipment is not always able to identify small breaks and fractures, in these cases it is sometimes necessary to be referred to a larger health services for further investigation.

Risk of X-Ray

Simple x-rays use a low level of radiation.

Please advise staff if you are pregnant before undertaking an x-ray.

The ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principles and lead apron protective garments are used to ensure exposure is minimal.

Plain x-rays have a similar radiation exposure as the radiation you receive from the sun.


Upon presentation to the Urgent Care Unit.

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For further information about this service please contact us during Reception Hours by phone: (03) 5237 8500 or email: otwayhealth@swarh.vic.gov.au

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