Volunteers play a vital part in enabling Otway Health to provide quality health and community services, responsive to our community’s needs. Otway Health is proud of the excellent work that is given by its dedicated and committed teams of volunteers.

Volunteers are involved across many areas of our diverse multi-purpose health service.  We estimate that volunteers contribute around 200 hours of volunteer work per week through our service to the community, in the areas of:

Aged Care

Providing support to our elderly through engaging activities including pet therapy and music, as well as shopping runs, daily outings, and coffee catch-ups.

Board and Committees

Members of the Otway Health Board and Otway Health Community Advisory Committee are also volunteers.


Volunteering to keep Otway Health and community grounds neat and tidy, and to promote healthy growing for native flora and fauna.

Health Promotion

Actively promoting health initiatives and looking after yourself within the community, and informing community members of services that Otway Health provide.

Friend in Hand Massage Program

Individuals volunteer their time to provide quality hand massage therapy to our aged care residents – helping them to improve their dexterity and comfort from conditions such as arthritis.

Neighbourhood Houses

Assisting Marrar Woorn Neighbourhood House with programs, and helping to promote activities, local gatherings and opportunities for learning and development.

Planned Activity Groups

Providing support and assistance to a range of planned activity groups within the local community.

Second Sails Opportunity Shop

Through their dedicated work and fundraising efforts, volunteers at Second Sails Opportunity Shop contribute significant funds, boosting Otway Health’s ability to extend quality services to our community.

Volunteer at Otway Health

Volunteering is a great way of becoming involved in Otway Health and community life in Apollo Bay. It provides you with opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills and to share your expertise and knowledge with others to benefit our community.

Register your volunteering interest today by completing the form below and we’ll put you in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator for a chat.


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Our volunteers get rewarded for their efforts!

About ‘Volly of the Month’

We are committed to supporting and valuing our volunteers, enabling a positive and rewarding experience through this lively program.

Otway Health recognises the time, effort and value that volunteering brings to members of our community, and to celebrate this, each month we select one outstanding volunteer to be crowned Volly of the Month, rewarding them with a prize.

Our community loves our volunteers!

Here are some comments from our community about our Volunteers:

‘They are indispensable.’

‘So open and friendly.’

‘The community wouldn’t work without volunteers.’

‘Life would be very different without volunteers.’

In 2012, two individual volunteers and two teams of volunteers were nominated for The Minister of Health Awards. We congratulate our Gardening Team for being the recipients of a Team Award.

In 2015, the Friend-in-Hand volunteer team were nominated for The Minister of Health Awards under the category of ‘Improving Patient Care’.

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